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Lunge Line Lessons

Every rider wants to improve their position. Without daily practice improvement can be slow to come, however there are exercises in the saddle that can benefit your riding in very little time. In this lesson I will give you some tips on how to quickly see and feel a difference in how you ride.

To begin, tie a knot in your reins if you ride english or hang them on the saddle horn if you ride western. Be sure that your reins are not too loose or too tight. Attach a lung line either to your horse’s bit or you can put a halter over his bridle. Finally, get someone knowledgeable to lunge you.

Leg Position

At the standstill practice getting your leg into the perfect place by grabbing the pommel or horn with both hands and push your knees downward. This exercise brings your seat deep into the saddle and secures your leg down and around your horse. You should feel comfortable in this position. Do not push down too hard or brace your legs or arms.

A more difficult version of this exercise is to do the same thing but in a two point. You should feel the same secure feeling as you did when you were sitting. When you feel your knees come down this is the spot that you should ride at while in a two point, which should be as high as you should rise while at the posting trot. Practice both of these exercises at all three gaits.

Arm Position

Many riders have tense arms and hands. An easy solution to this problem is loosening them up by swinging the arms and crossing them in front of your body. Keep your shoulders open as you practice this exercise at the walk, sitting trot, posting trot, two point at the trot, and canter.

Another great exercise is to make a circle with one arm at a time, both forward and backward at all three gaits and while in two point position. This loosens up your shoulders and back, helping to relax your body. The last arm position exercise is to put your arms straight out in front of your body. Ride transitions and all gaits while focusing on keeping your arms still without tensing up.


Take both arms out to the side of your body as you start at a walk and increase your pace as you become more comfortable. This exercise helps you focus on your leg and upper body position; keeping you from leaning on your hands or the reins for balance.

Another good exercise for balance is to touch your hand to your opposite toe. This exercise is one of the most challenging as it relies on your core and leg strength. Begin by bringing your right arm to your left toe by leaning forward and bending at the waist. Touch your toe then return to the upright position, then bring your left arm forward and down as you again bend at the waist to touch your right toe. This exercise teaches balance and concentration as you bring yourself both up and down as you touch each toe.

All of these exercises on the lunge are very helpful for all types and levels of riders. These lessons are also one of the quickest ways to see improvement in your riding, as they test your skills while still keeping you and your horse safe.