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Read This First


This article will supplement all the other articles. I have recently added positive reinforcement into my training program. All of these articles were written prior to this addition. I decided that instead of rewriting each one, my time would be better spent making videos. So, I did update most of the articles, however instead of adding in clicking and feeding into each one, I figured I could just write this explaining when to click and feed so that you can think about adding that while you read the articles.  Continue reading Read This First

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Creating a Relationship

The dream of most riders and horse owners is to have a special bond with their horses. A lot of people also have problems because they want this bond so much that they let the horse do whatever he wants, as the owner wants to be the horse’s friend. But in horsemanship this just doesn’t work. We have to teach the horse rules in order to safely interact with each other. Continue reading Creating a Relationship