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Chandra Anton has been riding and working with horses for going on 15 years. She has studied and learned from some of the greatest horse trainers of our time and uses that knowledge and skill to help thousands of people enhance their horse owning experience.

What sets her apart from everyone else? Chandra is a young female trainer in a world dominated by older male trainers. She has the skills and experience to compete with the best, but is better suited to understand and relate to her fan base. All of her content is in digital form including digital downloads, HD streaming video, and all of her training materials are easily accessible online though any connected device from home computers to tablets and cell phones.

Her products and services rival those of famous trainers but at a fraction of the price and in a format that can be viewed easily and virtually anywhere. The days of books and DVDs are fading away and her fans can view her videos and training materials on their smart phones from literally anywhere including the barn or arena.

She has fans across all major social media outlets and posts and interacts with them daily.  If you have a product or service that is reputable and horse related and would like to see how teaming up with Chandra and Contemporary Horsemanship could benefit you email us today at